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I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself properly. I’m Adam Cayley and I’m the Senior Independent Director/Chair of CRI. I’ve been quiet the last few months as my current day job is running healthcare services and they’ve been a tiny bit busy recently.

My role is to hold the Management team to account and to represent the interests of our investors. I also have a masters in Environmental Science with a focus on sustainable energy, sustainable buildings and the carbon economy which is what drew me to the project in the first place.

I’ll post specifically in the investor group so you can keep in touch with me. Welcome to all of you who have joined the CRI family over the last few months and I hope, like me, you are happy to be part of the project and are looking forward to what I hope to be a really exciting few months ahead of us.

By way of full disclosure as a non-executive director I also wanted to inform you all that I have recently made a further investment in CRI which emphasises my commitment to the project and my faith in the management team.

Adam Cayley, Senior Independent Director (SID)

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