Short Term Roadmap

Establish and register the Carbon
Reduction Initiative (CRI) company

Develop the business plan

Craft the brand identity

Create the website

Raise funds for methodology completion

Develop the masternode cryptocurrency with decentralized governance features, conforming to the methodology specs

Long Term Roadmap

2020 Q2 – 2023 Q1

Complete certification process

2023 Q1 – 2024 Q1

Marketing and incentivisation to drive adoption

2023 Q1

Crypto wallet application for mobiles

2022 Q4 – 2023 Q4

Develop a tokenized carbon credit trading platform
Develop other cryptocurrency related carbon mitigation strategies

Certification Roadmap


Research and concept development
Preparation of Project Idea Note (PIN) for Verra

2019 – 2020 Q1

Pressure testing and methodology development potential assessment by SEA

2020 Q2

Develop carbon methodology concept note (CMN)

2020 Q3

Review by Verra

2020 Q4

CMN acceptance by Verra

2021 Q4 – 2023 Q1

Review by Verra and certifier
Develop project design document (PDD)

2023 Q1 – 2023 Q2

Audit of PDD
Certification completed

Be part of the adventure

Owning an econode means a significant additional revenue stream from carbon credits generated on our network. Secondary passive income from blockchain generated carbon credits is a first in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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