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Good to see a few new people joining the CRI Discord server recently, welcome to our community! Please be aware that we don’t yet widely advertise our Discord, and please don’t expect to see much activity on here apart from the occasional update of our behind-the-scenes progress, we have a lot of activity that goes on in Team/Investor channels working towards certification, as well as pursuing VC funding for CRI 2.0, but also use other platforms like Teams in preference to Discord.

We welcome any genuine questions about CRI, if you’re just after a “when moon, when lambo” meme coin then sorry but you’ll have to look elsewhere, we’ve been working away at CRI for several years now, the team is in it for the long haul, and we have already achieved some huge “world-first” milestones with development of the carbon methodology, which we expect to lead to big things for the future of CRI. 🙂 We have even bigger plans with CRI 2.0 for 2022, which we will be unveiling in the coming months, right now we are pitching our ideas to various VC’s to get the right backing.

Also note that we know the majority of the people on this Discord (we interact in circles that don’t have the anonymity of Discord), if you join the Discord without a friend referral, we reserve the right to do random KYC’s for you to remain on the server. We take protection of our investors and members against crypto fraud very seriously.

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