A priority of Carbon Reduction Initiative is to make crypto accessible and easy to use for those who might not be so tech-savvy or who are new to the crypto space.

There is much to do to achieve this, but one recent step we are excited to announce is our listing on Flits Mobile Wallet, with many thanks to Mitchel for his engagement with CRI and for working with us to facilitate this.

You can check out the Flits website, which provides the links to Google Play or App Store where you can download the Flits Wallet.

Please feel free to join their Discord server too.

The Flits wallet has some great features, including Masternode creation and hosting, Cold Staking, and more.

They offer very reasonable pricing for masternodes, at ~ $3 per month per masternode. However as our introductory offer and as a means of making it even easier for new investors to get on board with Carbon Reduction Initiative, we will be providing new investors with credits so they can run their CARI Masternodes at our expense for the first 6 months. So if you would like to take advantage of this, please contact myself or one of the Management Team.

Andrew B., Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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