Carbon Reduction Initiative Limited is a private company incorporated in England and Wales and publicly registered with company number 12552540 at Companies House, a UK public database.

The CEO is Mark Moores, an experienced chartered accountant in the UK. The executive team is composed of three more members (COO, CSO and CINO), as described below.

The broader CRI Team is a group of dedicated crypto enthusiasts who share a common commitment to the environment and making the world a greener and better place. They bring an impressive array of skills to the company, including: Environmental Engineering, Graphics Design IT Consulting, Software Development, Marketing, and Customer Services & Support.

The blockchain software is being developed by one of the most talented developers in the crypto space, an IT manager with more than 30 years experience in complex system development, who has been active in a broad scope of crypto software development since 2015, covering everything from masternodes and wallets through to trading bots and smart contracts.

Executive Team​

Mark Moores​


Mark qualified as a chartered accountant with Grant Thornton in London. Worked for the FTSE 250 listed Rank Group plc in various head office finance and business development positions, final role as Director of Financial Control of Deluxe Media Services Europe (£200m pan-European DVD business) selling the business. Gained an MBA at Warwick Business School in 2008 and then joined AIM listed HCEG as an interim Group Financial Controller. For the last 10 years he has worked for start-ups as CFO and as a consultant.

Andrew B.​

Chief Operations Officer (COO)​

Andrew is a Project Manager with 15 years experience in managing software projects, and a strong technical background in software development. He is a highly motivated, solution-oriented individual who thrives on the challenges of managing daily operations of startup companies and building highly accomplished teams that demonstrate a profound dedication to operational excellence. His key interests in the cryptocurrency space have been in automation and management software for Masternodes, notably developing automated backend software for a Masternodes Online (MNO) project in 2018-19. His love for the outdoors and environment allows him to combine his passions and expertise in this role.

Gresham N.​

Chief Solutions Officer (CSO)​

Gresham is a multi-disciplined Solution Architect with a wide range of accolades spanning a career of over 20 years. From developing and implementing sophisticated global business reporting and auditing tools in the telecoms sector to managing development teams across multiple time zones and engaging in effective outcome based solutions. Despite a clear technical background in software engineering, he has a remarkable creative characteristic that sees him flourish as an artistic designer. Having been intrigued by the blockchain movement, he has produced marketing material and consulted for multiple cryptocurrency projects.

Misaki F.​

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)​

Misaki has 15 years of experience with adapting technology to people’s needs, thoroughly auditing interfaces or functional approaches to find more efficient ways of performing tasks and managing data, including back-end processing used for tens of thousands of leads and millions of dollars of transaction flow per day. Seeing computer science advances not only as mere tools but also and as a way to emancipate people and help solve contemporary problems, and with a keen interest in new technologies, Misaki is constantly seeking to identify their potential positive effects on society, as evidenced by involvement in numerous citizen science projects.

Non-Executive Team​

Adam Cayley​

Non-executive Director​

Adam Cayley is a Programme Management specialist with over 20 years experience delivering complex programmes of work, primarily in government and healthcare industries (both public and private sector) with a particular interest in governance and assurance to deliver business outcomes at pace. He has significant experience investing in startup companies and blockchain technologies. Adam has an MSC in Environmental science specialising in renewable materials and energy technologies. As our non-executive director, Adam will be responsible for driving the programme management of the CRI project and for holding the CRI management team to account, on behalf of investors, for delivering their business plan.

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